Hand Lay-up

Hand Lay-up Fiberglass Process

There are two steps in the open molding process – gel coating and laminating.

During the laminating process, a reinforcing material (such as fiberglass, saturated

with catalyzed polyester resin) is applied to directly onto the cured gelcoat on

the mold, which forms a very structurally strong product. Gel coat alone does

not have the structural strength to be removed from the mold or to be used as

a final product.

There are two types of open mold laminating: hand lay-up & spray-up laminating.

Hand lay-up refers to the manual method of laying or applying the reinforcement

material into the mold. In the hand lay-up process, the reinforcing material

(usually fiberglass mat) is placed in the mold and then saturated with polyester

resin using a brush or a two-component spray system.

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