FoxValley Composites, INC. is a custom composites shop. Hand Lay Up, Spray Up, and RTM methods.

Industrial Company

FoxValley Composites, INC. is a custom composites shop. Hand Lay Up, Spray Up, and RTM methods. We repair all types of fiberglass. Campers, boats and horse trailers too.

Retail store display fixtures, custom designs and anything in between!

If You Can Conceive It, We Can Create It

FoxValley Composites, INC. is a custom fiberglass composite manufacturer, has provided design, production mold manufacturing, custom fiberglass parts manufacturer and composite repair services to its customers throughout the United States and Abroad.

The majority of our fiberglass products require high quality hand lay up technique; however, we have the ability to produce chopper or spray-up parts and parts produced with vacuum molding or resin transfer molding. FoxValley Composites, INC. employees have an average of 20 years of composite knowledge. We have expertise with polyester, polyvinyl, or epoxy resins and with E glass, S glass, carbon fiber, Kevlar or other high tech composites.

FoxValley Composites, INC. desires to provide entrepreneurs with the assistance to develop their ideas and make unique problems marketable solutions. We offer skills in developing a concept to reality through the use of skilled, creative sculptors, mold makers and production personnel dedicated to quality production of parts. Our skills do not stop at just fiberglass; though, we are also competent in electrical, mechanical and electronic assembly.

Fiberglass & Composites Services

You need a product that is lighter than steel and won't corrode but it needs to be harder than plastic and not as specialized as carbon fiber. If this is the case, then you're in the market for fiberglass. 

Fiberglass has long been a solution in applications that need the stability and paint-ability of steel but without steel's tendency to rust. It is easily molded into complex designs that would have to be welded, stamped or hand worked in steel applications. Plus, like steel, fiberglass can be sanded and painted to a mirror shine or have a colored gel coat applied in the mold, which takes away the need for secondary finishing.

Fiberglass Overview

 There are a couple different ways that fiberglass parts can be made. The final piece and what its specifications are determines what process will be used. The first process used is called open faced contact molding. In this process a one sided mold has fiberglass either sprayed into it or has layers of fiberglass fabric laid down inside the mold then an epoxy applied. Open molding creates parts that require a finished surface on one side only.

The second process is called closed molding, which is done by sucking the fiberglass resin into a mold, creating parts with a finished surface on all sides.

The finishing process of a fiberglass part can also be done in a couple different ways. First off a part can be sanded and painted to a mirror shine or a gel coat can be applied in the mold. A gel coat is a form of finishing that, depending on the quality of the mold, has the ability to create a show quality finish in almost any color. Items such as boat hulls are a common item that is gel coated. The process basically eliminates the need for secondary finishing processes after a part comes out of the mold by finishing the inside surfaces of the mold. When a part comes out of the mold the gel coat will have the same level of finish as the mold.